Nassau County at a Glance

Nassau County is a unique place to live and work. The glaciers created the Long Island we know today. The Native Americans, the island's first inhabitants, lived here for the great climate, abundant marine life, and its forests and soil for growing crops.
The first Europeans to discover Long Island stayed because of the same reasons. Nassau County was close enough to New York City to ship them agricultural goods, fish and oysters and lumber. After World War II, the open treeless farmland made for perfect building conditions for housing for the returning veterans. Today Nassau County has close to 1.4 million people living on 286 square miles that is an amazing 4,650 people per square mile.

As of 2008, Nassau County is the second richest county per capita in the State of New York and the 10th richest in the nation. You may think that it is wall to wall people, but it has some of the world’s best beaches, parks and open space. Speaking of space, Grumman aerospace was located in Bethpage and helped win wars and get us to the moon.
There are many more historical highlights that should be explored about Nassau County and Long Island, so take the time and see what it has to offer.