Nassau County is among the most developed suburban areas in New York State. As in urban areas, a great deal of the surface is paved, creating a large amount of untreated runoff. Stormwater discharges in suburban and urbanized areas are of major concern because of the high concentration of pollutants found in these discharges. Concentrated development in urbanized suburban  areas substantially increases impervious surfaces, such as paved streets, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks on which pollutants from concentrated human activities settle and remain until a storm event washes them into nearby storm drains. Additionally there is a substantial amount of untreated waste from pet dogs and both non-migratory and migrating Canada geese. Common pollutants within the runoff include pesticides, fertilizers, oils, salt, litter and other debris, sediment and animal fecal matter. Stormwater runoff picks up and transports these and other harmful pollutants, then discharges them, untreated, to waterways via storm drains. Although already highly developed, there is still development occurring within the county and there is ongoing redevelopment.

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